An Overview About the Evolution of Cannabis Strains


Cannabis has grown exponentially around the globe with cultivators exploring the most effective variants to meet the consumer’s desires.

Are you a Cannabis enthusiast who is continually on a hunt for & experimenting with the latest strains of Cannabis?

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The constantly growing cannabis market has made it impossible to determine which cannabis cultivars are more beneficial. There is a great selection of Cannabis Strains that will surely make your head spin & propel you to new levels.

Let’s know more about Cannabis Strains!

Remember, Cannabis does not only consist of one type of cannabinoid. There exists other distinct cannabis plants/species. In addition, Cannabis strains can be organic or hybrid plant varieties like Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis, as well as Cannabis Indica.

Cannabis cultivars are grown to enhance the plant’s characteristics & use them productively for various purposes. The names of the strains are distinct as these titles come from their parents or cultivators, who generally choose what best describes the plant’s features, like color, scent, flavor, or origin.

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Weed is now becoming easy to buy anywhere in Canada, but with every type of marijuana strains available, you might find it challenging to choose.No matter which dispensary you buy from, you will come across massive selection of Indica, Sativa, & hybrid strains. Most experienced users have their favorites, but still, there are countless types to try out, & probably the beginners have got ample choices to select from.

Cannabis strains usually differ in their appearance, aroma, taste, & even every kind leaves you with different. People prefer to select a strain depending on the kind of high they want & what type of flavor they want. Though strains are categorized in a particular manner in order to make things quite easy, still there are many choices & it helps to research before you decide what to buy.

The Origins of Indica and Sativa

While conventional cannabis culture has long relied on the Sativa, Indica & hybrids to introduce a given strain. For several years, common wisdom suggested that sativas provided a more cerebral high while Indicas, by contrast, would put consumers ‘in da couch’, courtesy of a body high. Hybrids, by extension, provided varying combinations of the two.

This line of thought can be turned up to the mid-1700s, where both the terms Indica & Sativa were separately established as cannabis subspecies by popular Swedish botanist- Carl Linneaus & French biologist- Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. It should also be jotted that a third subspecies, ruderalis, was identified by Russian botanist Dmitrij Janischewsky in the year 1930. Owing to the murky taxonomy of Cannabis — a situation worsened by the fact that Cannabis was illegal throughout the world until recently —Indica & Sativa caught on while ruderalis became more of a historical note.

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Fast forward to 1960s, & we finally reach the onset of modern cannabis breeding. With the increase in the demand for Cannabis continued to grow, the longer flowering cycle needed of the pure Sativas grown & transported from various parts of the world due to the lack of supply. In addition, the researchers and manufacturers also putting their ultimate efforts, it seems that Cannabis will be kicking off a hybrid cultivating craze that continues to this day.

Overview about Cannabis Strains

Whenever you purchase weed, you will encounter a huge selection of different marijuana strains at Canada #1 marijuana online store. Though all cannabis plants are the same species, they come in many kinds of strains that may affect their properties. When different strains of plants are harvested, the resulting products often look different, like sometimes it smells different and offers different effects.

In fact, you can grow different strains by using marijuana seeds, & breeders even crossbreed as well as experiment with different plants to create wholly new strains. Many varieties make things interesting for marijuana users as consuming one strain may feel very different from another. It may also depend on the terpenoid & cannabinoid content it contains. Cannabis strains also make things easier for buyers.

Most people make choices depending on the kind of strain they want. Many users have their favorite strains. While beginner users may get confused with the large variety of strains available, the stores & dispensaries provide information on the properties of different strains in order to provide extra clarity to the experts.

How do you distinguish Cannabis Strains from other available choices?

Cannabis products can differ significantly depending on the strain they come from. Not only are there different breeds of Cannabis plants, but plants of the same breed may differ from each other in many ways. Strains are generally categorized into different types based on the kind of plants they’re grown from, such as Indica strains that come from cannabis Indica plants. It is generally known for delivering a relaxing & body-focused high. On the other hand, Sativa strains come from cannabis Sativa plants & it is known for mentally stimulating effects. In addition, the Hybrid strains come from crossbred plants that possess the properties of both Indica & Sativa strains.

In addition, the Strains also differ from each other in terms of taste & smell. Every Cannabis strain has a distinct terpenoid profile. Terpenes are important oils found in high quantities in Cannabis that determine the aroma & flavor of the marijuana flower. Most of the marijuana strain differs in their cannabinoid content. You might have noticed that while buying strains, you might have seen the percentage of THC and CBD of the strain. If the Strains are below 15% THC, it will give you a milder high, whereas strains above 20% are known for hard-hitting.

Important: Strains that possess a higher percentage of CBD are generally used for medical use. It also consists of different levels of other cannabinoids like CBG & CBC. Though they are non-psychoactive, they can add to the medical benefits of a strain.

Mainly the focus of the people is to buy the products which fulfill their medicinal needs. But users usually get confused while buying the product. Every Cannabis product must be correctly labeled, so you can easily make choices & you will have a proper understanding of the properties & potential effects of the strains that you are going to buy. This is the best way by using which you can avoid the negative effects, treat your medical symptoms effectively, & help you enjoy your cannabis experience fully.

End Note:

Strains are perfect for people who like their weed to send them on a one-way ticket to relaxation & tranquility. It is also the best choice for people who use marijuana to treat pain. To buy the best quality of products, you can rely on Canada #1 Marijuana Online Store. Great-tasting & attractive to look at, there is certainly a time and place perfect for every Cannabis strain in your life.

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