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Are you feeling overwhelmed about online weed shop in Montreal, Quebec? You might have been searching for a reputable vendor for a really long time.

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Weed Bunny has witnessed people’s reviews on Cannabis that are resolving huge issues related to muscle spasms, mood disorders, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Safety and satisfaction are all we guarantee when you purchase from the #1 Weed Store in Quebec, Montreal. You get everything on the product label, I.e., the type of strain, accurate dosage, and further with which you need to consume it under the doctor’s prescription and depending upon your health.


A trust that weed online store

Montreal Quebec holds! 


Might be confused among a large number of flowers, beverages, oils & capsules, topicals, pre-rolls, concentrates, and a different group of unique accessories? Weed Bunny loves to consult such people! We have got different varieties of Cannabis and consist of 24*7 enthusiast professionals at our online weed store Montreal Quebec who can consult you depending on your taste.

We feel amazing for being a part of your shopping list any specific day and letting you experience ease and relax with the online weed store in Quebec.


Weed as Your Personalized Medicine!  

Many patients seek medical weed treatment, and undoubtedly, Cannabis offers therapeutic benefits for different conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. As you know, Cannabis indulges around 600 individual compounds, that include cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, that work in synergy to generate the entourage effect.

Weed Store in Montreal: Ultimate Convenience

After the legalization of Weed, it has let us touch on its components even with online delivery: safety, transparency, and quality. This is liable when you are 100% sure about from which weed online shop you are buying products. Acquire your medical care marijuana with the #1 Marijuana Shop in Quebec Montreal. Keep your trust in us while you purchase Marijuana from our online weed shop in Montreal.

Highly-trained Professionals


With the time, when people are getting to know about the benefits of the consumption of Weed, the search for the online weed store Montreal Quebec has mounted well. Under professional guidance, you can personalize your specialized marijuana kit and bring the right decisions for your health. Eliminate the pain and think of the health you can attain with an online weed store in Quebec.


Keeping Covid-19



Holding on to the government guidelines and to protect you from the viruses happening around, we keep a check on the product’s packaging that is being appropriately sanitized. Got some interest? Check Weed Bunny, your Weed delivery friend with which you can enjoy the consumption of Weed at the comfort of your home! Heal your ailments with the relied source from centuries at #1 Marijuana Store in Quebec Montreal! Get to know the real potential of Marijuana as a Medicine by consuming it.

We are WeedBunny; Your Trusted online weed store in Montreal!

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Let us know the specific requirements that you need at once to join the network. Let us know how you can be of great help to our community.



Weed Bunny?

Weed Bunny has field-tested the solution and has always put forward positive results!

We only offer the Weed products that have undergone clinical trials perfectly. Share with us your need and book an appointment with our online weed store Montreal, Quebec consultant that can further provide you the detail of the approved THC-based medications in the form of Weed, called cannabidiol (CBD). Know the rewarding properties of Weed and keep track of the wide range of medical conditions with the Marijuana Dispensary in Quebec Montreal.

Why us ?

Discreet in nature  

Even if weed is legal, not everyone is ready to accept it. Even if it’s for medicinal reasons, some individuals still consider it an obscenity to be seen using the medication. You may get cannabis online without having to deal with several eyes on you.

The majority of online weed stores are aware of marijuana’s reputation and our Weed Store Montreal Quebec, understands it well. We make an effort to provide in a non-obtrusive manner. You get to pick the ideal location for your product to be delivered.


We Don’t Let You Waste Time

You don’t have time to squander just because you have time to buy cannabis. Gone are the days when marijuana was linked with the unemployed and those with nothing better to do than smoke it. For the time being, you can utilize cannabis for a variety of purposes while focusing on other tasks. It takes a long time to figure out which cannabis store to go to. Get the rapid assistance at #1 Marijuana Shop in Quebec Montreal, I.e., Weed Bunny, and get the Weed delivered to your doorstep.


Our Experienced Consultant

Leverage our experience in finding yourself the best quality weed. Weed Bunny advisers are seasoned cannabis entrepreneurs with hands-on experience, deep understanding, and major sway over everything from concept to the profits you can get from the specific product. Let us know your need; we’ll help you in any way!


Safe & Private Services

Don’t worry when you have our back for the safe weed delivery at your doorstep. We don’t reveal your names, or we never take an interest in passing your important information. So, you can rely on our online weed shop in Quebec without any doubt!


Fill Your Weed Bag

Pick from a whole world of possibilities for the types of Cannabis you would purchase or enjoy. Buying it legally was never a choice, but now when it is, don’t delay to wish list asap. Learn more on this!

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